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Company Presentation

    KDH Autoparts, which was founded in 1992, is a corporation with a combination of
development,manufacture and sale. Our company has always specialized in Japanese
automobiles such as Toyota,Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Mazda, while at the same
time also ford, Mercedes Benz, BMW,Volkswagen, Hyundai and Kia, etc. To be able to
ensure OE quality, we have been commited to develop diverse moulds and explore the
more scientific use of materials. With our day-to-day work over 30 years, we have
mastered a set of proven and advanced technology to produced and formed an effective
corporate management system. We have been fully confident of the supreme guiding
principle – Science and technology is the primary productive force. As a manufacturer
we recognise the need to maintain the highest quality standards at every step of production

     We employ many highly qualified engineers to develop environmentally friendly products.
Our brand has stood for continuity, quality, reliability, innovation and sustainability for more than
30 years. Because as we know, it is only with excellent production quality, exemplary service and
competitive pricing that we can maintain and develop our market position and reputation.

Achieving More Together
       Our most important asset is our employees. During our day-to-day work we rely on the
greatest asset-more than 1,000 highly qualified employees guarantee that we always focus on
the wishes and requirements of our customers. Because as we know, it is only through know-how,
good responsibility that we can minimize defect at every step and acquire customer’s satisfaction.
Our Mission: Manufacture One Hundred Percent Precision Spare Parts
Our Supreme Guiding Principle: Driven by Quality
Our Top Service Principle: To Satisfy Our Customers
KDH Autoparts at a glance
1. Founded in 1992
2. >20,000 different high quality spare parts
3. Japanese motors expertise
4. Partners in over 40 countries
5. >1,000 employees
6. Skilled employee rate>90%
7. 13,000 sqm of production space

KDH Autoparts at Conton Fair
      KDH Autoparts has been active in attending China Import and Expert Fair from 1992
onwards.Our company is very popular and recognised with customers from all over the
world with its excellent production quality and good service. On the fair, we show a wide
range of spare parts that attract many people to consult us the information about products.
Because of excellent production quality,exemplary service and competitive pricing, almost
customers are pleasant to develop the mutual-benefit cooperation with us.

      Our factory is located in Jiangmen of Guangdong, floor space around 13,000 sqm, with a
variety of advanced producing equipment. We have strict management policies in both production
and staff. We consider “Driven by Quality” as our supreme guiding principle and have infinite faith
in our supreme guiding policies – Talent Training, Science and Technology Innovation.

    Our showroom, which is called as auto parts supermarket by our customers, is on the second
floor above the warehouse, floor space about 1,800 sqm, showing more than 20 thousand
product samples.Our production processes cover nearly the whole production spectrum: From
steering,engine, braking,chassis and wheel fastening technology to vehicles electronics – at
KDH Autoparts you will find everything you need for light commercial vehicles for all the popular
brands and models.Our customers were so surprised and excited when they came to our show
room. They are glad to develop the mutual-benefit partnership with us. 

 Staff’s Entertainment 
      Our most important asset is our employees. Our company set up many entertainment facilities
such as Pingbang table, Snooker and so on. In addition, we create working conditions which
promote exceptional performance, satisfaction and a constructive and creative exchange of ideas.
Because this is the only way to form a climate of innovation that promotes growth and guarantees
the foundation of our future economic success. For intensive staff consciousness of team, our
company organizes a game called Year-end Snooker every year. There will be first, second and
third prize for them.In addition, we will go to climb and barbecu outside with our partner’s staff.